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Welcome to the galaxy's greatest selection of extraterrestrial drinks.

To inspire exploration and discovery bringing the magic of the cosmos to your life.

We believe in the value of sharing and connection, and bringing people together to experience the magic of the stars.

Our intergalactic beverages are crafted with the most exotic ingredients from across the galaxy and prepared with love in our own extraterrestrial home.

We use rare alien spices and sweeteners to give our drinks their unique flavors. Check out our available products to learn more about the amazing and otherworldly taste sensations we have to offer!

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Some of our sips

alien cocktail

Interstellar Iced Tea

OTake a sip of the cosmos with our refreshing Interstellar Iced Tea. Made with a blend of the finest extraterrestrial tea leaves and infused with a hint of alien spices, this drink will transport your taste buds to the far reaches of the galaxy. Whether you're enjoying it on a hot summer day or sipping it under the stars, this cosmic beverage is sure to satisfy your thirst for the unknown.

Ingredients: Alien Aromatics†, Cosmic fruit juices, Galactic herbs†, Starflower, Ginger, Extraterrestrial Extracts†.

†Certified Alien

Galactic Smoothie

Christopher’s chocoholic dad, Mark, is the inspiration behind this classic combination. With freshly made peanut butter, cacao nibs and a dash of cinnamon, this granola isn’t your typical peanut butter chocolate and is sure to satisfy those peanut butter chocolate cravings.

Ingredients: Blue alien fruit†, millet†, Galactic algae†, Intergalactic purple yam, Galactic kale butter†, Almms, Earthnuts†, Interstellar spinach.

†Certified Alien

Cosmic Cocktail

Named after those great books you used to read as a kid, this granola lets you choose what you want in it. Our original flavor without nuts, seeds, or dried fruit and spices reminiscent of chai allows you to choose your granola adventure. The possibilities are endless!

Ingredients: Date syrup†, oats†, buckwheat†, millet†, cinnamon†, vanilla†, ginger†, cardamom.

†Certified Organic

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